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How can you make the most of your site with Ultimate Homes?

We can advise you on how to take advantage of the sun, and any view that you might have. If your land is near the sea, we will need to use building materials that are resistant to corrosion. If you are in an area with a lot of wind, we will also need to add extra bracings while building your home. This will make sure that your home is solid and comfortable.

We will need to consider how flat the section is and look at the access to your site. If these are complicated, then it's going to be more difficult to build and this can cost more.

It's also important to know how solid your section is

Sometimes the earth may not be very compact and stable. This may be from the type of soil, or maybe the land is over an old dump site. In cases like this we will need to have an engineer do a report for us. This will let us know if we will need to add extra foundations to your home to ensure it's safe. If the area is prone to flooding, we will also need to allow for this with special drainage.

We will look at these things and discuss them with you at your site visit so you know what to expect.

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